Our client reviews

10 new clients in 26 days

Tom Rousek from Xtend Design

2 new clients in first month

Elly Schaffer from Farbe & Raum

21 days to get first 2 clients

Alvaro from tipiarq

12 new clients in 3 months

Santa Murniece from MKS Interior

In 9 months generated 861 qualified potencial clients

Vladimir from “Volko Engineering Ltd.”

3 new clients in 21 days

Martin from M.S. Projects

50 new clients in 3 months

Elvis from HQ Chipper Parts

30% growth year over year

Janis from College of Business Administration

40'000 EUR from new clients in 1 months

Normunds from Terrace

New clients from B2B and B2C

Justin & Maris from Altas IT

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