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Effective tools to help you automate your systems and save your highly valuable time


Gain access to tested and proven work materials that are easy to use

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Digital marketing that creates desire

Paid advertising supports your organic media strategy by expanding your reach and boosting sales


Checking current situation and setting out clear steps for improvements


Designing attention-grabbing visual materials

Irresistible offer

Creating an irresistible offer to attract potential clients

Landing page

Building trust, awareness, and authority

Ad copies

Creating copy for highly-converting ads that increase revenue

Value based marketing

Convert incoming inquiries to paying clients

Bridge the gap between potential customers and paying clients


Weekly trainings with individual Q&A's to improve your sales funnel


Free CRM system for easier client management

Scripts and templates

Detailed scripts that help you handle objections and sell more

Converting inquiries to paying clients

Tracking the main KPI's that help your business scale

Learn the essentials from industry experts, overcome any bottleneck

Business fundamentals

Defining the most important objectives in your business


Weekly reports to keep the process up to speed


Ideas and advice on other aspects of business data

Reverse engineer the goal
architectural and consruction

Abundance of leads and 2x closing rate! The set-up was super quick. Got my first meetings within a week and since then I've been able to close 5+ high-ticket clients every month!

Rita Majore
Career coach
3 months business setup

Automated sales with 5.12X ROAS!
Working with NJ media has helped my increase the return of my ad spend significantly. I'm able to help more people and reach my goals faster.

Janis Bruns
The Transition Manual
3d studio

My first sale in 9 days!
Today I sold my first course for 1500 EUR. Since I started on August 2. I had to stop my ad because I got 39 booked meetings. Ad was running just 9 day

Recharge Therapist
3 months business setup

No more stress of acquiring new clients!
I got my first 8 leads the same night we launched the first campaign! Now I can fully focus soley on my client results.

Business coach
62 leads in less than 3 weeks

Restructured and automated business

Manuel Biotek
Business and mindset consultant
62 leads in less than 3 weeks

Earned 3'500€ in my first month!
Previously I thought I've already tried everything and was ready to give up on my coaching journey. This was my ''last try'' and it WORKED!

Egija Veisa
Financial coach
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