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We help starting professionals build systems that enable them to reach 10k/month, or seasoned experts that wish to scale to 50k/month or more

Let's scale my business
Architect agency
Tom RousekXtend Design
10 new client in the first month
3d ad architecture
Elly SchafferFARBE & RAUM
3 clients & excellent collaboration

1150+ happy


1,5+ million

Invested in ads

328+ published

Clients reviews

758+ thousand

Leads generated

Training: “The Golden Ratio Method”- A Super Simple, 4-Step System, That Brings In 3-12 High Paying Clients In Less Than 30 Days

What we offer: Sharp CEO Mastermind

Sharp CEO - a 12-month mastermind that helps you build a custom plan, with your involvement, to set up campaigns, tools, community, coaching with accountability, and all the support necessary to 5x your profit in a 6-month period.

Imagine a mastermind that

Focuses exclusively on helping designers, architects, and architecture-related biz owners scale
Helps you to make your offer and launch the process for you
Using value-adding materials, paid ads, email newsletters, organic
By selling productized services with 60%+ profit margins
Where everybody is aligned towards the same goal: profit, client results, and happiness
Where the focus is on implementation and collaboration (not long boring content)
That feels like hanging out with friends (but with actual business results)

Who it's for

Designers, architects, and architecture-related services business owners doing at least 2k per month.
If this is you, you’re probably struggling with:

Feast and famine profit in your business
Clients that are taking too much time but not paying enough
Your offer is the same as your competition, and clients choose the lowest price
Doing everything yourself and not having time to improve the business
Hiring a small team and delegating the day-to-day operations
Running your business by the numbers and making a profit
Finding a peer group of other people at or above your level so you can raise your standards

What you get

Sharp Founder Mastermind gives you everything you need to achieve this transformation:

We build out your offer and setup client attraction campaigns in 3 weeks
Guided 7-Week implementation curriculum to grow and scale the simple way
12-Month access to Sharp Founder Mastermind & curriculum
Community w/ other business owners,
24/7 Questions & Answers, recordings of previous calls & get help when you need it
Messaging & Notifications w/o the distractions of Facebook
4x LIVE zoom group calls per month
Access to all Templates, Standart Operation Procedures, Process documents, scrips
Accountability from a dedicated coach to hold you accountable
Leaderboard with prize

How to get started

Schedule a call using the calendar below, and somebody from our team will meet with you on Zoom to see if Sharp Founder Mastermind is a good fit. If you have any questions, email info@nj-media.com.

Training: Attract Clients & Grow Your Architect
Business In The Next 30-90 Days!

"I got the first client for €19,662 in 25 days" - Uldis from 3D AD Architect


Learn more about marketing for architecture firms

NJ Media will help you get more meetings and sign more contracts

Laser-focus on simple actions that yield big results

Provide your clients the top class service they deserve, while we take care of attracting new leads


Data-driven strategies that drive revenue, attract clients and match your scaling targets


Effective tools to help you automate your systems and save your highly valuable time


Gain access to tested and proven work materials that are easy to use

Marketing Goal

Digital marketing that creates desire

Paid advertising supports your organic media strategy by expanding your reach and boosting sales


Checking current situation and setting out clear steps for improvements


Designing attention-grabbing visual materials

Irresistible offer

Creating an irresistible offer to attract potential clients

Landing page

Building trust, awareness, and authority

Ad copies

Creating copy for highly-converting ads that increase revenue

Value based marketing

Convert incoming inquiries to paying clients

Bridge the gap between potential customers and paying clients


Weekly trainings with individual Q&A's to improve your sales funnel


Free CRM system for easier client management

Scripts and templates

Detailed scripts that help you handle objections and sell more

Converting inquiries to paying clients

Tracking the main KPI's that help your business scale

Learn the essentials from industry experts, overcome any bottleneck

Business fundamentals

Defining the most important objectives in your business


Weekly reports to keep the process up to speed


Ideas and advice on other aspects of business data

Reverse engineer the goal
architectural and consruction

What a fantastic team! It was a pleasure to work with them right from day one.
We set goals, make plans and then execute.''

Don Lawrence
Arkitekt AS
3 months business setup

"In the first 2 weeks I already got 6 paying clients + 4 still pending, which seems ridiculous. I couldn't believe it.''

Santa Murniece
MKS Interior
3 months business setup

You guys are geniuses! Your ninja team works super fast, and the results are incredible.
In the first 26 days, we closed 10 clients."

Tom Rousek
XTEND London
62 leads in less than 3 weeks

The results were amazing! In less than 3 weeks we got 62 leads that turned into 3 new projects and several in negotiations.”

Martin Sahno
MS Projects
3d studio

This was the solution, that helped us acknowledge our inner problems and resolve them. And landed a €19'662 client in first 30 days.”

Uldis Vilcins
3D AD Studio
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A world-class team that supports your success

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NJ Media was created to help service-based businesses scale and grow with systems.

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