About NJ Media

Here you’ll learn: our Story, Mission and Team members.

Get to know us

New office and team increase

Sharp team

Expanding the team, products and expertise.

Reached 832'247 EUR in 2022.

Export Market

Worldwide expansion

We are ready to work internationally. We are helping businesses from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Europe.
Reached 500'000 EUR in 2021.

P.S. our mission is to help and impact 100'000 entreprenuers

New office and team increase

Expanding to the office with the team

A new office space and team expansion. Found our new home at Spikeru street in Riga. With custom tables from Niks fathers wood.
Reached 312'000 EUR in 2020.

Revenue increase

Product - Market fit

NJ Media found a real problem in the Latvian market. Finding success in getting clients and working still for the apartment.
Reached 109'000 EUR in 2019.

P.S. you can see behind Niks there is his bed.

How it started?
October 21, 2018

It all started!

NJ Media started  from an apartment in Jurmala (Latvia) and with white hair for the founder.

P.S. that is the first ad we launched

Mission: Impact 1 Million Lives

Develop predictable client acquisition. Revolutionise sales. Systemize process.
Evolutionary - No results? We find alternatives to get results
Open - Circumstances are changing, we adapt
Driven - Persistent actions that produce results daily
Honest - Hard truth helps more than fairy tales
United - We lift and support each other to reach our Everest
Core Values
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Our team

We all work from our office in Latvia, Riga

Niks Jansons
Leads the business
Monika Simonova
Creative Genius
Raivis Vigups
Operations God
Niks Stara
Leads the Latvian market
Tomass Mezeniks
Rain Maker
Gabriels Beitins
Sales Beast
Sintija Kaui
Marketing Director
Lauris Leitans
Booking Champion
Tomass Otmans
Paid Media Expert
Toms Aizupietis
Sales Wizard

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