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Here is what your firm needs

You need a predictable and reliable system to generate hot potential clients each month! But also…


✔ Target & attract: you have to get in front of the right clients who are your ideal clients and only attract them – not the price shoppers!
✔ Educate & warm-up: build trust and relationship with the client. If every client knows how good are you? Then your business would be so much easier, right?
✔ Have a system to get meetings: instead of doing ten things to get clients you have one. You have a method to get new clients with predictability.

What We Offer

Systematization™ - Client Attracting Machine
Building And Implementing Systems For Your Business To Attract New Customers And Increase Sales Systematically!
✔ Strategy, to attract clients in your target market;
✔ Irresistible advertising materials (visuals, texts);
✔ Landing page to build trust and authority;
✔ Integrations to receive inquiries in e-mail, excel sheet or CRM;
✔ Active management of advertising accounts to increase ROI;
✔ Reporting about main statistics;
✔ Weekly Q&A support. 


800+ Clients and 180+ reviews
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Values And Goals For NJ Media

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion” – W. Edwards Deming

✔   Problem – Companies are not able to systematically attract customers in the digital environment;
✔   Mission – Help 10’000 companies implement customer acquisition and sales systems in the digital environment;
✔   Vision – Connecting customers with great products.
What Objective We Can Help You Achieve

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford

✔   The flow of new potential customers
✔   Authority in your niche;
✔   Organized sales process with scientific methodologies;
✔   Paid advertising management with actionable reports;
✔   Creative ideas and strategies to attract new customers.

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