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Architect agency
Martin sahnoMS Projects
3 clients in 21 days after joining NJ Media; a total of €12'000 in value
3d ad architecture
Uldis Vilcins3D AD Architecture
In less than 30 days landed us €19,662

900+ companies trust nj media

Training: Attract clients & grow your architecture business in the next 30-90 days!

"I got my first client for €19,662 in just 25 days" - Uldis from 3D AD

Easy process

Learn the 3-step process architects use to attract their ideal clients (instead of you chasing them)


Build a profitable and sustainable architecture firm, not just a seasonal business

Systems that work

Demonstrating Systematization™ frameworks that can generate 5-20 qualified, initial meetings every month

Case studies

Check case studies with real-life examples from architects who attracted 1-3 clients after implementing our methods
Free training for architects

Free Training

20.00 min

Training: Attract Clients & Grow Your Architect
Business In The Next 30-90 Days!

"I got the first client for €19,662 in 25 days" - Uldis from 3D AD Architect


Learn more about marketing for architecture firms

NJ Media will help you get more meetings and sign more contracts

Laser-focus on simple actions that yield big results

Provide your clients the top class service they deserve, while we take care of attracting new leads


Data-driven strategies that drive revenue, attract clients and match your scaling targets


Effective tools to help you automate your systems and save your highly valuable time


Gain access to tested and proven work materials that are easy to use

Marketing Goal

Digital marketing that creates desire

Paid advertising supports your organic media strategy by expanding your reach and boosting sales


Checking current situation and setting out clear steps for improvements


Designing attention-grabbing visual materials

Irresistible offer

Creating an irresistible offer to attract potential clients

Landing page

Building trust, awareness, and authority

Ad copies

Creating copy for highly-converting ads that increase revenue

Value based marketing

Convert incoming inquiries to paying clients

Bridge the gap between potential customers and paying clients


Weekly trainings with individual Q&A's to improve your sales funnel


Free CRM system for easier client management

Scripts and templates

Detailed scripts that help you handle objections and sell more

Converting inquiries to paying clients

Tracking the main KPI's that help your business scale

Learn the essentials from industry experts, overcome any bottleneck

Business fundamentals

Defining the most important objectives in your business


Weekly reports to keep the process up to speed


Ideas and advice on other aspects of business data

Reverse engineer the goal

Proven results for architects like you

NJ Media provides digital marketing for architecture firms that are ready to achieve better results and get more sales. Unless you've got years of reputation and an army of clients, organic traffic alone will not supply enough demand. It’s time to boost your existing efforts.

Clients trust NJ Media

Architects & Designers who trust us

3 months business setup

You guys are geniuses! Your ninja team works super fast, and the results are incredible.
In the first 10 days, we got 40 hot potential clients after only spending 228 EUR."

Tom Rousek


XTEND London

40 leads in 10 days

3 months business setup

The most effective result in the shortest amount of time. Less than 3 months to set the business up for success!”

Devijs Siraks

Project Manager

Alberta Projects

526 inquiries in 75 days

Engineering office

With the help of NJ Media, we were able to build authority and reputation in the market of Latvia.”

Armands Abele


A. Abeles Engineering Office

128 inquiries in 45 days

architectural and consruction

I recommend NJ Media to all architectural and construction related companies, to help with client acquisition.”

Vladimirs Volko


Volko Engineering

861 inquiries in 9 months

3d studio

This was the solution, that helped us acknowledge our inner problems and resolve them. We have never gotten a new project this fast!”

Uldis Vilcins


3D AD Studio

€19'662 in a month

62 leads in less than 3 weeks

The results were amazing! In less than 3 weeks we got 62 leads that turned into 3 new projects and several in negotiations.”

Martin Sahno


MS Projects

€12k+ in 21 days

Seamless integrations with your favorite software tools

Calendly integrationZapier integrationSharpify integrationClavio integrationClickfunnel integration

A world-class team that supports your success

teamworkprogressworld-class support

About NJ Media

Building winning marketing strategies for architecture firms

NJ Media was created to tackle common problems often seen among architects and interior designers. Our main focus lays in helping professionals generate more predictable revenue funnels. We do this through marketing tactics that help you build a stronger online presence and become an authority in your niche.
Over the past three years, our team has grown from a 3-person dream in a corner office to one of the most reputable agencies in Latvia. Our 20 talented team members are currently working with international clients out of a cozy office in the center of Riga, which you can always visit for a cup of coffee and a free consultation!
Niks Jansons, the founder of NJ Media, is always in the office making sure the team exceeds customer expectations.
NJ Media Team

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